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The nearest railway station is at Chiavenna just 20 km away (; linked to Madesimo and Campodolcino by a convenient bus service with appropriate connections for train times


Madesimo and Campodolcino are served by two lines of bus services run by STPS:

– Chiavenna_Madesimo inverno 2017/18 (timetable valid until June 08th 2018)

Only in summer – bus available from Chiavenna to Spluegen:


Connections Milano/Madesimo and vice versa

coincidenze Milano inverno 2017/18 (timetable valid for winter 2017/18)


During the Christmas holidays there is a direct link from Milan / Monza / Verano / Brianza / Lecco by coach with Autostradale Viaggi

Travel by private coach

The circulation of private tourist coaches heading for Madesimo has some restrictions with regard to size:
– coming from Chiavenna the length of the vehicle should not exceed 13 m. and a height of 4.25 m.
– from Campodolcino to Madesimo they are obliged to take the SP1 (Isola)
– Spluga Pass towards Switzerland: width max 2.55 m + length 10 m – circulation only with authorization
For further information please contact the relevant authorities.

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