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Fishing is a great sport but it also represents an excellent opportunity to enjoy really close contact within nature, and to calmly and quietly appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape and environment. The rivers and alpine lakes within our special corner of the Alps are numerous and provide ample opportunities to practise classic angling, fly fishing and no-kill. The most popular venues, very likely because of their proximity to the town, are the dam and the Scalcoggia stream who runs through Madesimo, the Montespluga’s and Campodolcino’s dam. In addition the biggest in the valley Val di Lei, easy to reach by car throuh Switzerland.

Here, and in fact throughout the Province it’s possible to fish by purchasing a permit, seasonal, weekly or daily. The Union of the Sport of Fishing Sondrio is responsible for the management and monitoring of all fishing activities in the province.

You can purchase daily or weekly permits from the Tourist Office in Madesimo and Campodolcino, whilst the procedure for acquiring a seasonal permit and regulations are listed on the Union’s website:

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