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Madesimo’s snowpark is an absolute paradise for lovers of snowboard alongside twin-tip ski activities.

Served by both the Larici gondola and the Montalto chairlift, the MadePark has an overall length of around 920m, and every day is subject to genuine ‘hands-on’ maintenance or if more appropriate by a ‘snow cat’ vehicle.

Thanks to the availability of a range of equipment and areas the park is suitable for all levels.

The upper zone is devoted to an ‘Easy Area’ equipped with 2 box and is suitable for beginners and often used for lessons for students alongside instructors in snowboard and freestyle.

Heading down towards the valley sits the chill-zone, a popular spot to relax and stay in the company of like-minded sports’ fans; alternatively go towards the Pipe or the “Jib Area” comprising Kicker rails, boxes and a range of structures to satisfy both beginners but also athletes already with considerable expertise. Here you’ll find a variety of facilities including flat boxes, down box, down rail, staircase, rainbow box, plug and a series of Kickers from 4 to 6 metres.

The final zone in the MadePark is the “Kickers Area”, created by shifting mounds of earth which now form two terraces hosting a total of 4 jumps. Aligned in sequence the jumps range from 10-12 to 15-17 metres. Clearly we have an area dedicated to expert (or mad) riders here!

And just a hop, skip or jump away there are two fine places to rest up and eat/drink with great accompanying music: Acquarela and Larici.

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